All of the vinyl wrap film and head and tail light tint we carry are engineered to customize and even protect the interior and exterior surfaces of your car. Although designed for motor vehicles, these vinyl wraps can be applied to just about any hard, non-porous surface. DIY customers, professional automotive restylers, and vinyl film wrappers use these films to add a unique look to their vehicles. Now with easy to follow video install instructions, you can personalize your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle in a snap.



Our carbon fiber vinyl films are the most popular series we offer. Designed to be applied to the inside of your vehicle for a custom dashboard application or even used to wrap your entire car in carbon fiber, they feature a 3D textured and embossed surface, and are available in 12, 24 and 60-inch widths — this carbon fiber vinyl film is at the cutting edge of restyling technology.

Looking to wrap your hood, trunk roof or just about any part of your car, truck or SUV? Soon we will be releasing a video series walking through the process of wrapping an entire vehicle. There are a ton of things you can wrap and when compared with painting and the cost and hassle are substantially less. Whichever carbon fiber film you choose 3D with textured finish or glossy 4D carbon fiber wraps you can get a uniquely realistic look that will be the envy of your friends and rivals.



Originally designed for classic car restoration, this is our most popular series for professional and automotive enthusiasts looking to customize their vehicle inside and out with a wood trim look it is also commonly used in architectural and home-furnishing applications. Available in textured finishes as well as high gloss applications, this film series has the genuine look you need to complete your project and keep it under budget.



How long does a wrap last?

A well cared for vinyl wrap can last for up to 7 years, sometimes longer if the vehicle doesn’t get out much. 5-7 years is quite typical for color change films (3M, Avery, etc…) and 5 years for digitally printed wraps. Wraps are just like paint, if you take care of them, they’ll last. If you don’t take care of them, just like paint, you’ll find their lifespan decreases.

Lifespan of your vinyl is also heavily dependent on where you live, how you use it, and what vinyl you’re using. Any kind of Matte color vinyl has a slightly shorter life span due to the fact that it doesn’t have a clear coat over the top, protecting the film. Printed wraps, and gloss colors have a clear laminate over the top, which offers better protection. If you live in a place where there are extreme temperatures, lots of dirt and debris on the road, or any kind of adverse condition, lifespan is also slightly decreased, if you don’t care for your wrap.

Will the wrap damage the paint underneath?

Of course not, and actually it’s the total opposite. Many people wrap their vehicles to preserve the paint underneath. The vinyl acts as a cover for the paint, preventing any adverse weather or sun from beating on the paint. It also acts the same way a clear bra would, protecting the paint from small scratches and dings from rocks or debris. If uninstalled correctly, the vinyl won’t leave any residue, or peel any paint or clear coat with it. That being said, if the paint is already in bad condition when you apply the vinyl, you can expect it to still be the same when you peel it off!

Is having your car vinyl wrapped expensive?

Well, compared to a can of soda, yes. But compared to a brand new paint job? It’s a bargain. Let’s look at something like a basic mid-sized sedan for example. To have it wrapped in Matte Metallic Pine Green with Matte Black accents. The total cost? Around $1900. If you wanted that as a custom paint job? You’re looking at upwards of $10,000. Still seem expensive? On top of that, a wrap is reversible, and can achieve colors, patterns and designs, that paint simply can’t.

Is it hard to remove the wrap?

Vinyl is very easy to remove without causing any damage to your OEM paint. It’s even possible to remove the vinyl yourself with the correct solutions and tools, although we always thoroughly recommend you bring your wrap back to us, or a certified installer to have the wrap removed. That way you gain peace of mind knowing it’s being done right.